"History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the party is always right."

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/// This is a WIP that is being updated intermittently \\\ Section 1.0, Ideological Subversion: Ideological Subversion is a form of Psychological Warfare which takes the form of Brainwashing. It may seem insane to suggest that it is currently in progress across most of Western Civilization; but therein lies the beauty of it. It progresses slowly over several decades, with each new generation growing up underneath its ever progressing "norms", which they as such believe is true, good, normality. There are 4 main stages of Ideological Subversion, which are as follows: DEMORALIZATION - Educate an entire generation in Marxist ideology (Politicize, Commercialize, Discredit, False Heroes and Role Models) DESTABILIZATION - Economy, Foreign Relations, and Defense Systems (Populism, Irresponsible power struggle, Multi-Nations) CRISIS - Violent change of power, structure, and Economy NORMALIZATION - Period of stability (until the next cycle reaches crisis point) Now more than ever before, we can clearly see Demoralization in action, with the extent that pro equity, anti-"hate" messages are being shoved down the masses throats; through the media, the education system, the film industry (Hollywood, Netflix, etc), and social media. Objectively, this could be dismissed as nothing more than a search for improvement within our society, but consider how polarized the message is, and how any viewpoint or opinion which criticizes or even questions the force-fed groupthink, mainly regarding LGBT "rights", or the BLM movement, is immediately shut down, removed from every social media platform, and deemed demonically racist, homophobic, etc. Consider the fact that an ever increasing number of parents hand their child some form of a computer at an early age, with largely unfiltered access to the internet; through which, entire generations of these children grow up unknowingly absorbing ideas from content which exposes them to, and normalizes, Misgenation, Multiculturalism, Transexuality, Homosexuality, Prostitution, Cheating, Drug Abuse, Equity, and Consumerism. Meanwhile, content which promotes traditional family values, Individualism, strong morals, and freedom of speech; is typically deemed extremist. This is the definition of Propaganda, and do you believe that politics, gender issues, etc, have a place in a child's mind to begin with? These children will grow up supporting mental illness, abstraction of basic, fundemental truths, and the immigration of peoples who will dillute their blood and culture until it becomes non-existent, and a thing of the past. And they will embrace this, because they will never have been taught the value of anything. They will largely see beauty in degeneracy and destruction; just as long as they have bread and circus, as we do today. As long as we have Netflix to binge watch, warm homes to live in, and convenient food we don't even need to cook, why should we care or even think about the future of the world, or even current affairs when we can substitute real world things for instant, hedonistic "pleasure". Of course you're only depressed because of XYZ. Section 1.1, Normalization: Take a second to compare who the youth looked up to in Music, Films, and Television in the 1950's (and prior), compared to they look up to now. Back then, the youth had role models which largely embodied healthy attributes to admire and strive to attain. Nowadays, the youth looks up to degenerates who write lyrics about cheating, drugs, prostitution, murder, gangs, etc. Remember love songs, romance, and happy, positive subjects? Section 1.2, Weimar Now: Name another time in history when films like "Cuties", a film sexualizing children and portraying a black, muslim, girl as french; and "Cracka", a film in which blacks enslave whites, were passed by high level executives running an extremely infuential corporation. Name another time in history when members of government allowed an artist to paint a mural beneath a European landmark depicting blacks and whites holding hands, and a black man copulating with a white woman in the center; in the same art style as the artists other works, depicting whites being raped and murdered by blacks. Name another time in history when members of government stood by as a violent, pro-black, anti-white organization tore down historical statues, looted stores, beat and even murdered whites for defending their stores (or less), while some shout "Kill the white people!"; with the media wholeheartedly embracing it. Name another time in history when almost every advertisement on television depicted an interacial couple; almost as if it was pushing an agenda. Name another time in history when accounts on social media who share pictures of white families, or white children were censored/removed from suggestions, while accounts depicting black or mixed race equivelants were supported generously and propped up. Name another time in history when this many people were openly depressed, with the suicide rates at an all time high; with those same people typically advocating Consumerism, Diversity, Misgenation, Cultural Marxism, Transexuality, and Homosexuality. It's almost as if these very things are unnatural at the deepest level. Take a look at who was in power in Weimar, Germany, in the 1930s; who ran the Media, the Banks, etc. Then look at who runs those same facets of our society today. If you already know who, and are offended for them; why? Do you think they care about you? What have they ever done to help you? Section 1.3, Black Lives Matter: The reason why police, typically in the United States, "target" blacks more than whites is because blacks commit far more crime. FBI statistics show that despite being 13% of the population, they commit 50% of the crime throughout the country. Some blame poverty for this, when they admit the stats are true, but when it comes down to it blacks have the same opportunities as whites. Sure, there are more blacks than whites living in poverty, or "The Hood", but this doesn't stop them from making use of the same free education that whites and every other race also recieve. It also doesn't stop them from searching for employment outside of their area if there's a lack of jobs; but no, instead they stay on welfare and spend their money on superficial, materialistic, goods like supreme t-shirts, jordans, or iphones; while then complaining about not having money, even though all 3 of these things cost well over $1,000. So instead, they try to attain a music career doing the exact same shit as the rest (rapping about fucking prostitutes, selling and or doing drugs, and shooting people, while then saying they're civilized) or they just sell drugs on corners before going to prison for shooting someone over a petty fued. If they aren't the person who gets shot. Their entire culture, at the least, is completely flawed and what keeps them down. Not their skin color, and not whites; the same people who give them the money to buy their expensive iphones which they then use to talk shit about whites on twitter. This is one of the reasons why "ACAB" or "Defund the Police" is bullshit. Most cops have a fear when approaching blacks because, time and time again, they've proven that you are more likely to be shot at or a victim of violence by a black than a white. Which is what they are proving, yet again, by using violence as a means to get what they want (Rioting, looting, throwing molotovs at Police, burning down buildings, blocking major roads/highways, throwing rocks at cars, etc). Which they then try to dismiss as the only thing they can do, because the legal system is against them or some shit. Even though a large chunk of the population, and the mainstream media, support them wholeheartedly, and would riot if they were dismissed or given an unfair legal proceeding. But, of course, any conclusion or verdict that isn't for their side is automatically racist and facist. Peak irony. "Despite the abundance of evidence, no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their family, or their country." - Yuri Bezmenov Do you honestly believe that blacks would deal you as fair of a hand as whites are dealing them, if they became the majority or held many positions in power? "Kill the white people" Would you believe that whites who chant "Kill the black people" would afford blacks equality in the world? Wake the fuck up.